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rdev 1.11.1

rdev 1.11.0

rdev 1.10.11

  • Minor updates

rdev 1.10.10

  • Bug fixes

rdev 1.10.9

  • Add support for single URL in DESCRIPTION

rdev 1.10.8

rdev 1.10.7

rdev 1.10.6

  • Updated for R 4.4.0

rdev 1.10.5

  • Updated pkgdown templates (update: use_rdev_pkgdown() or use_analysis_package(use_quarto = FALSE))

rdev 1.10.4

rdev 1.10.3

rdev 1.10.2

rdev now supports Quarto Documents (.qmd) as analysis notebooks:

rdev 1.10.1

rdev 1.9.11

  • Maintenance updates

rdev 1.9.10

rdev 1.9.9

rdev 1.9.8

rdev 1.9.7

  • Maintenance updates

rdev 1.9.6

  • Add new rdev hex sticker logo from stickers to man/figures/logo.png per roxygen2 and to README.Rmd per pkgdown

  • Fixed bugs in quickstart functions

rdev 1.9.5

  • Updated TODO

rdev 1.9.4

rdev 1.9.3

rdev 1.9.2

  • Updated manual tests

  • Bug fixes

rdev 1.9.1

  • Maintenance updates

rdev 1.9.0

rdev 1.8.6

rdev 1.8.5

rdev 1.8.4

rdev 1.8.3

rdev 1.8.2

rdev 1.8.1

rdev 1.8.0

Added support for Quarto, including:

Additional changes:

rdev 1.7.2

rdev 1.7.1

  • Updated installation instructions in README and templates to use remotes instead of devtools

rdev 1.7.0

  • Updated check_renv() and ci() to use renv::status(dev = TRUE), added in renv 1.0.3

rdev 1.6.9

rdev 1.6.8

  • Updated setup-r to use rig for installing and managing R versions

rdev 1.6.7

  • Maintenance updates

rdev 1.6.6

rdev 1.6.5

  • Maintenance updates

rdev 1.6.4

  • Added check to install pre-commit git hook if missing (update use_rprofile())

rdev 1.6.3

rdev 1.6.2

rdev 1.6.1

  • new_branch() now stashes and restores changes, so that the Bump version commit just changes the version number in DESCRIPTION

rdev 1.6.0

rdev 1.5.9

  • Update build_analysis_site() and ‘Analysis Notebook’ R markdown template to use Bootstrap 5 using bslib

  • Update rdev pkgdown site to use Bootstrap 5

rdev 1.5.8

  • Update options to enable warnings for all partial matches

rdev 1.5.7

  • Add option to warn on partial $ matches

rdev 1.5.6

rdev 1.5.5

  • Add option to disable GitHub Pages in use_rdev_package() with options(rdev.github.pages = FALSE)

  • Use proper GitHub Pages URL with trailing “/”

rdev 1.5.4

  • Minor maintenance updates

rdev 1.5.3

  • Maintenance updates

rdev 1.5.2

  • Minor updates to Style Guide

rdev 1.5.1

  • Replace development lintr with CRAN release 3.0.0

  • Add Style Guide vignette, describing rdev coding style, styler and lintr configuration

rdev 1.5.0

rdev 1.4.9

  • Clean up tests, standardize error messages

rdev 1.4.8

rdev 1.4.7

  • Added scripts to tools/ to further automate package setup

rdev 1.4.6

  • Updated lint workflow

rdev 1.4.5

  • Updated for new linters

rdev 1.4.4

  • Enable most linters in inst/templates/lintr

rdev 1.4.3

  • Normalize DESCRIPTION file

rdev 1.4.2

  • Remove workaround for resolved upstream issue

rdev 1.4.1

  • Added missing Suggests dependencies in setup functions

rdev 1.4.0

rdev 1.3.8

rdev 1.3.7

  • Fixed bug in lint workflow

rdev 1.3.6

  • Updated .Rprofile to load current package at start

  • Updated for R version 4.2.0 (2022-04-22) – “Vigorous Calisthenics”

rdev 1.3.5

  • Updated GitHub workflows

rdev 1.3.4

  • Added new test scripts for new package setup

rdev 1.3.3

rdev 1.3.2

rdev 1.3.1

rdev 1.3.0

Added new options and features to support GitHub Enterprise.

New Options

Added settings, configured using options()

New Features

  • create_github_repo() now supports creating repositories within organizations

  • Updated setup-r script to include pkgdown

rdev 1.2.6

rdev 1.2.5

  • Updated ci() to run spell check tests

rdev 1.2.4

  • Fix bug in workaround for closed usethis issue #1568

rdev 1.2.3

rdev 1.2.2

rdev 1.2.1

rdev 1.2.0

rdev 1.1.1

  • Fix R-CMD-check for Windows

  • check_renv() now defaults to running update when interactive

rdev 1.1.0

  • Added additional automation to ci():
    • style_all() now runs automatically if there are no uncommitted changes
    • lint_all() now runs by default and opens RStudio markers pane if any lints are found

rdev 1.0.1

  • Minor updates to analysis README.Rmd template

rdev 1.0.0

rdev is now stable enough for a 1.0.0 release!

Major features

rdev provides functions and templates for:

  • Release automation: Stage and create GitHub releases, including GitHub pages

  • Continuous Integration: Local continuous integration checks and dependency management

  • Package Setup: Package setup tasks, typically performed once

Recent changes

Changes since release 0.8.9:


In ci():

  • styler should be set to automatically run if there are no uncommitted changes

  • lintr should stop execution and open RStudio markers if any lints are found

  • ci() should run styler and lintr by default

rdev 0.8.9

rdev 0.8.8

  • Added proof-docs script to tools, checks docs directory using htmlproofer

rdev 0.8.7

  • Moved rmd_metadata() from README-analysis.Rmd to rdev package

  • Increased test coverage, reorganized files

rdev 0.8.6

rdev 0.8.5

rdev 0.8.4

  • Updated to_document() to parse yaml front matter and confirm the source file is a valid R Notebook

rdev 0.8.3

  • Updated use_rdev_package() to better conform to rdev conventions (README.Rmd, .git/hooks/pre-commit), support committing and error-free ci() immediately after it is run

rdev 0.8.2

rdev 0.8.1

  • Added new_branch(): Create a new feature branch, and (optionally) bump the version in DESCRIPTION

rdev 0.8.0

Major update adding automation for GitHub releases.

Release Automation

Added functions to automate workflow for staging and creating releases on GitHub:

Other Changes

  • Updated and reorganized pkgdown reference page

rdev 0.7.3

rdev 0.7.2

  • Added info on dynamic notebook list to notebook template and Analysis Package Layout vignette

rdev 0.7.1

rdev 0.7.0

Major update adding automation for creating rdev and R analysis packages.

‘Create Package’ Automation

Added functions to automate steps when creating new packages following rdev and optionally analysis package conventions:

Other Changes

  • Added build_rdev_site(), a wrapper for pkgdown::build_site() optimized for rdev workflow that updates and performs a clean build using pkgdown

  • Added ‘Analysis Notebook’ R markdown template for RStudio (File > New File > Rmarkdown > From Template)

  • Migrated ggplot2 themes/styles (theme_quo(), viridis_quo()) to new package, jabenninghoff/jbplot

rdev 0.6.2

  • Add functionality to use_analysis_package(): Create _base.yml in pkgdown from the first URL in the package DESCRIPTION file.

rdev 0.6.1

rdev 0.6.0

rdev 0.5.3

  • Add options to theme_quo() to disable both panel.grid.major and panel.grid.minor for x and y

rdev 0.5.2

rdev 0.5.1

  • Updated theme_quo(): set base theme to ggplot2::theme_minimal() and add parameters for disabling grid lines

rdev 0.5.0

  • Added theme_quo(): ggplot2 theme based on ggplot2::theme_bw() and font Lato

  • Added viridis_quo(): Sets the default theme to theme_quo() and the default color scales to viridis

  • maintenance

rdev 0.4.5

  • maintenance release, update GitHub Actions

rdev 0.4.4

rdev 0.4.3

  • maintenance, update TODO with steps for manually setting up an Analysis Package

rdev 0.4.2

  • maintenance release, update README and GitHub Actions

rdev 0.4.1

  • bug fixes, maintenance

rdev 0.4.0

rdev 0.3.1

  • maintenance release, updated for R 4.1.0

rdev 0.3.0

  • build_analysis_site(), new function migrated from rtraining: a wrapper for pkgdown::build_site() that adds an ‘Analysis’ menu containing rendered versions of all .Rmd files in analysis/. It is still considered Experimental, due to lack of test coverage and some features that are not implemented, but should work for projects with limited pkgdown customization. The update also includes a function to convert notebooks to html_document, to_document().

rdev 0.2.2

  • minor updates, maintenance

rdev 0.2.1

  • bug fixes

rdev 0.2.0

  • installing rdev will now automatically install preferred development tools as a ‘meta-package’ (like tidyverse), including: styler, lintr, rcmdcheck, renv, miniUI (for RStudio Addin support), devtools, and rmarkdown

rdev 0.1.2

rdev 0.1.1

  • maintenance release


  • ci(): updated to match my preferred GitHub workflow: use_github_action_check_standard() with --as-cran removed

  • documentation updates for all functions (style, links)

rdev 0.1.0

Initial GitHub release

New Features

  • ./tools/setup-r: shell script to install development packages to site repository on macOS + Homebrew

  • check_renv(): convenience function that runs renv status(), clean(), and optionally update() (on by default).

  • style_all(): style all .R and .Rmd files in a project using styler

  • lint_all(): lint all .R and .Rmd files in a project using lintr

  • sort_file(): sort a file using R sort(), similar to the unix sort command

  • sort_rbuildignore(): sort the .Rbuildignore file using sort_file(), because unsorted is annoying

  • ci(): run continuous integration tests locally: lint, R CMD check, and style (off by default).