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build_quarto_site() is a wrapper for quarto::quarto_render() that also updates and optionally deletes the Quarto _freeze directory to fully re-render the site.


build_quarto_site(input = NULL, as_job = FALSE, unfreeze = FALSE, ...)



The input file or project directory to be rendered (defaults to rendering the project in the current working directory).


Render as an RStudio background job. Default is "auto", which will render individual documents normally and projects as background jobs. Use the quarto.render_as_job R option to control the default globally.


If TRUE, delete the Quarto _freeze directory to fully re-render the site.


Arguments passed to quarto::quarto_render().


When run, build_quarto_site() calls:

  1. devtools::build_readme()

  2. unfreeze() (if unfreeze = TRUE)

  3. quarto::quarto_render()

Supported File Types

While build_quarto_site() supports both R Markdown (.Rmd) and Quarto (.qmd) notebooks in the analysis directory interchangeably, build_analysis_site() supports .Rmd files only.